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Real Estate Investors

Sell Us Your House

Selling your home don’t have to be a difficult task. Sometimes you don’t want to put in the time and effort needed to sell your home on the market. If this is your situation, Capital M Properties has a solution for you. We specialize in buying old, distressed houses while giving the homeowner a fair price. Helping people get the most for their home is incredibly rewarding, therefore, allow us to help you.

We’ll make a fair cash offer

Sell as-is, no repairs or upgrades

No hidden fees

Close in days or when it’s good for you


Sell Us Your Building

Strip malls or shopping centers can be financially challenging if it is producing a negative cash flow, which forces the owner to pay out of pocket. Insufficient cash flow can lead to bankruptcy or foreclosure.


Get relief by contacting Capital M Properties. We will discuss your goals and objectives regarding the property and come up with a solution. We have the ability to pay cash and may pay any fees associated with the purchase process.


Are you a warehouse owner facing legal issues? How about pre-foreclosure, liens, lawsuits, building violations or even partnership situations? Warehouse up-keep and management can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes it’s better just to cut your losses and sell as-is. If this is something you’re considering, then it’s worth a conversation.



Capital M Properties will make a rewarding offer on your warehouse. We are able to close quickly and get cash to you faster than a normal closing. Contact us today.


Owning an apartment building can be physically challenging if you have to manage it alone. Even with a management company it can become difficult when they are managing it poorly. Maintenance cost such as a leaky roof or exterior/interior problems,  outdated appliances and onsite labor can drain profits.



Capital M Properties can give you relief from all of those headaches. Contact us today to discuss your needs and expectations. Our goal is to make a Win-Win opportunity for both parties.



Invest With Us

Wouldn’t it be great to invest in real estate, receive a good return on your investment, all without having to actually own the property? Well you can. Capital M Properties partner with everyday people like you to invest in real estate, which is a great way to increase your investment portfolio.


Capital M Properties invest in real estate tax liens and deeds and shares its profits with its investors. Currently, an investor can make a 15% return within a 1-6 month maturity date. Weather you have investment dollars set aside or want to use your 401k, you will find the returns are much greater than the stock market.


Contact us to learn more about how you can invest with us. LEARN MORE